Good day literate-

I am experimenting with a Jobo cpp-2. I am trying Tmax films and Tmax RS

In the reference I found from Alan Ross, he suggested using a dilute form of Tmax rs as a one-shot developer. He went on to say that he "dilutes it 1:9 from the concentrate".

The factory instructions call for adding enough water to the +- 27 ounces of concentrate ( + the part B) to make one gallon of working strength solution.
In my simple math, this works out to about a 1:4.5 dilution from the concentrate.

So, does anyone know if Alan was suggesting simply doubling the factory suggested dilution?

Does anyone have an alternate suggestion for tmax rs dilution and Jobo processing?

I'd like to use the one-shot method for the sake of consistency.

Thanks in advance to all who respond.