Hi Ingemar,

I use the B & S 27 watt compact flourscent lamps for cyanotype, argyrotype and gum. The lamps work but are slow with both cyanotype and argyrotype so you will probably get longish exposures with Pt/Pd. A 40 minutes exposure with Argyrotype at 6 inches is no surprise to me. I use two lamps in cheap hardware store type hoods and they work well. With these slow lamps it is tempting to put them extremely close to the print but that can cause hot spots that can be severe. I currently keep the lamps six inches from the glass that is over the print and in addition I rotate the print 90 degrees halfway through the exposure to try to keep the light even. With these precautions the lamps work well.

I have used the paper Photographers Formulary markets as platinotype although it arrives labeled as Crane's cover 90 lb wove. It works well with Argyrotype and is compatible with gold, palladium and silenium toners. It gets fragile in the wash so you have to be careful with the edges. It has a acceptable or good rating with some Pt/Pd printers so I would give it a try as it will help lower the costs of the process. When you get terrific with the process you could go to more expensive papers.