Hey, something screwy with that "1D" . . . the 1D had the drop down back flap and swing out sides, not the 2-piece body of the earlier models. Since the curved wood section on the front half of the camera has only the name and not a model type (B or C), I would say that camera is an original type 1. It is possible that the camera has a replacement front lens door that came off a model D parts camera, and that's where the seller got the idea it is a model D.

Don't know what the interest is in #4 Panorams, as they use old obsolete film that is a very expensive special order item (about $35 to $40 per roll), else it's a PITB what with having to cut down aero film and roll it up or cut LF sheet filmtape to the curved film plane, and use the camera as a single shot camera. In spite of the hassles a #4 will usually bring about the same money as a #1 . . . for the most part destined to become collectors' shelf queens, I suppose.