I guess I'm too lazy to cut and roll my own film and too much of a miser to buy those obsolete types, so I guess I'll just stick with my three #1 Panorams that use 120 film.

I have two #4C Panorams that I use as repair and maintenance training aids. The best one, when I get it all fixed up real nice, will be sent back as a gift to the guy I bought it from. I haven't decided what I will do with the other, but have been leaning toward donating it to our local historical society museum.

By the way, just as an indicator of the crazy camera market during these troubled economic times, the last two #1 Panorams, both in similar condition, sold for about $350 for the first and then $83 for the second one week later. I bought a real nice #1D (with the gear/ratchet timing mechanism) for $49 BIN price. There is no way to predict camera prices in today's crazy market. I have recently bought two mint Super Ikontas, one for $280 and one for $65. ????