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The "Black Plague" is the reason B & S stopped selling platinotype. As I understand it..it is caused from metal dust from the rollers that imbeds itself into the paper fibers. But of course if that is the case you would think they could remedy it. Who knows...It was a nice paper at one time. Cranes cover is a different paper.
this conversation has been hashed to death I know but in the mid 1990s when Crane's platinotype was still pretty new, I talked with crane's technical people and customer service people and they said the Crane's cover and Cranes Platinotype were the same paper. Platinotype is an after market name. Dick Sullivan agreed with that. I also learned that the paper was being made from various sources of recycled cotton and the nature of the paper would change from batch to batch. Researching it again a couple years ago I was assured that the black specks are from some batches having minerals that go black As the paper is still being made from various sources and probably even various mills there are still some good batches and some bad batches. You really need to test before every time you want to buy some and make sure the test comes from the batch you are buying. Quite a lot of trouble but if you get a good batch the paper is hard to beat.