I still have some good platinotype from the 90's that isn't inflicted with the black plague. Now granted papers from the same mill will change over time and even from batch to batch. But I also have a few sheets of Crane's cover from a more recent batch and if you lay both papers side by side they are different. Even the color is different. Now of course if I compared the platinotype with the crane's cover from the same time period they could very well have been the same. I've compared Swiss Opaline from a batch I bought that was milled 20 years ago to a batch that was milled 5 years later and the batch that was made later wouldn't even coat. Even though they looked exactly alike. So I guess consistencies from mills is not really expected from papers I've used over the years. With the exception of Buxton and Arches Platine,(and I wonder about Platine at times) none of these papers are being produced with the Pt/Pd printer in mind. So if you do find a paper you like, buy a boat load of it. The next run may be different.