Copyright. We have a statement on the inside cover of each .pdf that states that all materials that are published remain the property of the author/ photographer and that reproduction of any kind of materials published is not permitted unless express written permission is obtained from both the author/photographer and the magazine. This also serves as a check that both parties will know one has been contacted because in all likelyhood the one would contact the other about the matter.

Carbon Printing. I have an article lined up for March by Roberto Carbajo on carbon printing. Some how-to, some carbon prints. I would love to get more material to keep in reserve so, Vaughn, submit something on your own time. And we'll see where it goes from there. Probably not anytime soon unless you get it in in the next three weeks or so and I think it would compliment RC's material nicely.

To everyone else. CiM exists because of the interest of you guys and photographers like you. So keep material coming in. If you feel the need to ask me first then by all means please do so. Otherwise just send stuff in and I will get back to you about it.