I have purchased Cranes 90# cover from the local Crane paper distributor here in Dallas for a number of years. It is, or what was, Platinotype. Kind of like calling the old Coke "Classic" just to confuse people. If you've ever been to a paper mill you'll wonder how the stuff ever comes out clean looking to begin with. Text or cover paper was never meant to have 100 degree chemicals poured all over them. Having been in the printing business all my life, for the last 10 years I have purchased 120,000 lbs of 50# offset for one of my jobs and twice it has been sent back to the mill due to some kind of encapsulated crap in the paper. When the rolls would start to go through the web these little tiny craplets would burst and splatter ink all over the signatures. Like little IEDs put in the paper. I don't like black specs either but count your blessings that film AND paper are still being made. It may not be perfect at times but, but, but......get in the darkroom, start coating and quit moaning................TW