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I am just wondering, do you keep a notebook in your camera bag? If yes, what information/data do you keep in it?

Also if there is one piece of information from your notebook that you would give a young starter analog photographer, what would that information be?
I use a little recorder in the field. No tapes, but one with a chip. Small, about the size of a large pack of gum.

Yes, exposure information gets entered, but a lot more. Things like weather, what the scene looks like, what I think the print might look like. Observations, like perhaps photographing at another time, another angle, how I felt about the picture, etc. I then TRY and write down in my book what my field notes were. I say try because sometimes it is alot of work.

I am going to try and use the PDA to make a file to download to the PC so I have it that way.