With the exception of the accessory attachments (the Profiflash, and more recently the enlarging meter attachment), I've never bothered to pay much attention to any options that are available for my SBC (actually a Profisix, because I live 100 or so miles north of you).

The SBC is just about the simplest non-selenium meter I've ever used. The only reason I refer to it as being non-selenium, is that this means you have to figure out how to turn it on, and from time to time how to check the battery.

The options (like being able to see SBR at a glance, and being able to dial in a fixed EV adjustment) are nice, but truly unobtrusive, and can be easily ignored, if you so decide.

In my mind, the only advantage of the older Luna Pro is that it is slightly smaller. If the size doesn't bother you, the SBC is both simpler, and better.

Of course, YMMV, but it would be great to go out shooting together, so we could see how each of us approach the issue.