What's wrong with the winter sun in Kamloops? I know it makes exposures longish, but I really don't have any other choice at the moment. I'm going crazy not being able to use my darkroom (a long story) and developing film is just not cutting it (I'm about halfway through the 40+ rolls I've fallen behind on).

I've been looking for tanning beds in the thrift shops, but so far haven't found anything. I've thought seriously of building my own lightbox, but right now lack of tools and know-how is preventing me from doing so (and finding proper UV bulbs locally). If I decide to get really serious about alt processes I will go down that route, but I have a very low tolerance to GAS and I've already bought so much stuff for all my other cameras I'm trying to really justify spending more money on another technique! I love it though...I've never been more inspired as a photographer (and frustrated!) as I have been over the past year and a half since I started experimenting with various techniques. I know I'll settle down eventually, it's just finding out what works best with what I want to achieve.