Hi all,

Here again as in previous rounds, a thread to collect comments, feedback, being-late-announcements and my-cards-are-in-the-mail-messages.

Welcome to all of you who are new to the exchange - Thanks for trying this out. And also welcome to those well known people being already in previous rounds - Thanks for coming back.

I hope this will be fun for everyone. I will be back as organizer for the next round which starts with sign-in in May.

Here is the list of participants as a reminder:

Adrian D (20)
Allen Friday (MAX)
aluk (30)
Andrei Ionita (20)
Anke Drewitz (30)
BirgerA (MAX)
Black Dog (MAX)
bmccarthy007 (30)
bpaties (25)
bwakel (20)
BWKate (30)
Cara (40)
crispinuk (50)
david b (50)
drpsilver (MAX)
Eric Mac (25)
gordrob (30)
hal9000 (25)
johnnywalker (30)
Jon King (MAX)
jst (15)
Kraker (30)
KWhitmore (30)
Lynda (MAX)
Mark Fisher (MAX)
MattKing (24)
Mick Fagan (MAX)
Mike Wilde (30)
mikeg (35)
nuckabean (10)
OMU (10)
ozphoto (45)
parker53 (10)
Pete H (MAX)
Peter Markowski (30)
Roger Bulcock (MAX)
rossawilson1 (24)
rst (MAX)
rwyoung (25)
sage (MAX)
Samad Asad (50)
Shannon Friday (MAX)
Simplicius (30)
sly (MAX)
Síle (MAX)
thomsonrc (20)
Tim Gray (MAX)
tlsid (25)
trotkiller (25)
Wayne Frederick (20)
wazza (MAX)
wrench (MAX)

Have fun and cheers