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Getting my cataracts done made the most difference but putting a 1+ diopter lens in the viewfinders of both my Nikkormat FTn and my Bessa R3A also helped greatly and pretty well overcame the issue of wearing glasses while using either camera. I'd had to stop using the SLR until my eyes were fixed as I couldn't get clear focus.
Glad to learn that has worked for you, Leigh, and that a weak diopter did the trick. My eyes require +2.5 diopters just to see clearly at infinity, and more than that to see clearly at one meter, the distance that a common SLR's viewfinder is designed to present to the eye. So, when I remove my eye from the finder with such a diopter, I see shapes and no detail mostly. Can't read print on a camera or lens in that case. Hence the solution that involves glasses.

As for the "other", nicely put. :-) However, as a practicing atheist I don't think I'll burden the forum members with my thoughts, even if others choose to do so.
I suppose that our various views about such things would be worthy of a good and thorough discussion on an appropriate forum. Having said that, Wayne's tag does not bother me at all. I am not even aware of his brand of pursuasion.

The real issue might be contained in part of your reply - "adding value"???????
Yes, I think so, Leigh. The most salient issue is about adding relevant value. IMO, in whatever we do we should try to make things better than they would otherwise be, and leave things better than we found them.

Happy day.

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