MCP and MCC are identical except for the base.
Sofar we have not been offered contract coating capacity for fibre based products so the MCC unfortunately has to wait for the reassembly of the mooved Agfa coating machine. As this project is beyond the scope of the monochrome market we have to sit and wait patiently. Once it becomes available it will be used for itīs other purposes (whos investors also payed for it!) as well as for us to make black and white products.
It is an ideal setup. Speeding up the reassembly cannot be done as there are already over 20 people busy with it.
After having had to postpone dates given to me by engineers for three times I now have become stubborn, I wonīt give any more dates ;-)
Rather I will shout it out loud when the day has come.

Until then all of you keep asking if you have any questions.

Kind regards,