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When ranger began their series of photos and crashed on the moon, it spelled the death of the Bimat project. Bimat was much better in resolution, but very very slow. I remember them shutting the Bimat project labs and meeting with our division. We then got their lab space and they moved to another building and then just kind of vanished.

Grant was trying to speed it up by devising a heat processed single sheet film, but the problem was not the processing, it was the time to process then scan as well as the power to heat the equipment. Essentially, the argument went that the video could be transmitted directly. And that is where the argument came in that the signal was digital. Since we were working on digital capture, that was the assumption, but it must have been an analog signal.

Right after that, about the time of the Mavica, Kodak made their first digital color chip and camera. At the same time, they produced a color print material called "Electrocolor" which was based on a 3 color scan and dye transfer to a Titanox matrix on a paper support.

Fascinating stuff. Thanks for sharing.