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Hello Wayne.

Do you suppose that a clear view of the viewfinder might alter the requirement? I've used an M3 for some time, and the size of the patch never seemed to be an issue at all. Why is it that a larger one is needed?

When I was shooting my M3 the first time it popped my contact lens out of my eye and was lost in the grass. I really didn't even notice it at first as I guess my other eye sort of made up for the difference and I moved the tripod before I noticed something wrong. I have since gone to glasses and it's not as good.
The patch is a little small for me. It's much harder for me to focus then my SLR. I thought there might be something with a larger patch in another brand. I was also very interested in a metered body as well. Maybe I'll either try the HK diopters on E'boink and see how that fares or I'll just sell the camera and supplement my existing kit.