Just completed my first contact print. So thank you all for posting question and answers that I have been reading through (saved me posting the same questions). I'm using a very basic setup just to get the process, a 15Watt lamp on a dimmer turned down to about 1/2 in a homemade 80mm sq housing. My first process was a trial to see what time exposure i needed, so I done a test strip on 1-6 sec. Of course i read the test strip back to front and thought I only needed a 1 sec exposure when I really need 6sec. That aside the first print was completely white and the next was completely black, started think that the developer was (not sure of the correct term) "expired" after 1 image, the third print was very faint, and I realised that I had read the test strip back to front and need 6 sec exposure. So next one was a 6 sec exp and developed for the standard 1 min and same to me for a 'first' go is a winner.
Now it all raises some questions

Q1 - For this first goes I only used 150ml of developer (Ilford multigrade), i assume print developer is the same as neg developer so how much developer do I need per print (8x10)

Q2 - looking at the print on the edge its black where there was no film, then where the film was but no image (the film base?) is a touch lighter, does this mean it under developed or under exposed should the area were the film base is be black?

No scanner at the moment to post image.