If you're going for the 2500 series tanks and reels, be sure to get the 2509N (not just the 2509) reel. The 2509N has snap in tabs that break up developer flow which can cause uneven development on the plain 2509 reel. Experiences vary, but I had very poor results from a plain 2509 reel. There is a reason the 3000 series tanks were introduced; more consistently even development, and I'd recommend them over the 2500 series, even at the higher price for tanks and a compatible processor.

I currently use trays and a Summitek Cradle, discontinued, but essentially the same as this: http://www.photoformulary.com/Deskto...ion=0&langId=0

I get very even results. It requires working in the dark, which you might find a drawback. I like the option of varying agitation to tweak the film curve, something you can't do in quite the same way with constant rotary agitation.