That is a nice image.

The Bogen 3025 head is definitely not one of my favorites, but if you works for you, fine.

In general I don't like ball heads because it is more complicated to level a camera with them than with a good pan and tilt head. The Bogen pan and tilt heads that I have include large levels and the movements operate independently of each other. Most ball heads have systems where adjustment in one direction affects the other orientation.

Basically the only thing ball heads have going for them IMO is that they are more compact and offer some advantage in weight compared to pan heads.

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I have exactly that head too ... and I don't find it difficult to work with.

I do find the ball frustrating. Its worse when I am out in temperatures below -10C as the 'lubrication' for the damped movemnt becomes very difficult to work with. Eg on this day it was -11C and the plasti handles (visible in the image above) made un-tigthening and tighetning a simple procedure.

I think I'll keep the ball head for the DSLR