I have a bag fetish so let me impart what Ive learned.

The Domkes are great and worth every penny, but even though the look less camera bag like the are noticed and I have had many comented on my "cool bag"

The Urban Disguise does not look like a camera bad, I own a UD 30 and Ud40, the 40 looks like a laptop bag, which is just as valuable to thieves as a camera so I use that bag in situations that I feel relatively safe in.

I use hunting bags for a lot of my work, they are so damn ugly no one will every want it, or consider I have anything but a gun or dead animal in it.

I would suggest getting any sort of shoulder bag that is cheap and made to carry books. Then figure a way to secure your gear inside. I have an old back pack that I carry a body and three lenses in, its ugly as sin and no one would think there is expensive gear in it.

The next step is to wash it and make it look old and worn, there by further removing any doubt that its contents are worthless. Beat it with rocks and stomp on it in the dirt. The uglier the better.