I've only been there once, and didn't get that much time to do any real shooting, but I would suggest the following.

It's an interesting city, and it has a character all its own. The junkies play all day and night if you are into street photography, and the homeless seem to all take part in a wide-scale recycling operation every evening.

I got a few interesting shots down on Granville, near Tom Lee a few years ago. Not exactly "spectacular views", but some very gritty atmosphere. I would think you could get some nice shots of Lions Gate and the industrial landscape on the far side there. The area around Stanley Park and Robson street would be interesting as well. There are some nice cityscapes there with all the new condos etc. that would look quite nice reflected in the evening waters across Coal Harbour. Granville Island was quite a treat when I was there, but I don't know what it's like in the evenings.

Bear in mind that it's winter, which is not the best time to be getting the flavour of the city. You won't be dealing with Ontario's snow at any rate. Let us know how it goes.