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I need a relatively small and inconspicuous camera bag. I really need it to not say "Hey, LOOK! this guy is toting a bunch of camera gear"...

I have a very strong preference for a shoulder bag or perhaps, a waist belt pack - NOT a backpack. I need ready access to the gear inside. I'd like to be able to carry two 35mm SLR bodies with normal-ish and wide-ish lenses attached and maybe, a couple of short tele lenses and of course, film, note book...etc. Nothing outrageously big.

I was thinking one of the sand colored canvas bags from Domke but, man...are they ever expensive!

What else? Suggestions?
I use insulated 6 pack and 12 pack bags. Suitable small cardboard boxes section them as needed.

These bags may, however, be dangerous for you: viz: some crazed beer drinker lifts your bag; finds out it only has camera gear; comes back and slugs you with it.