My experience to date:

Jobo 3010 and 2553 (2551 is the same tank, different lid) tank with 2509 reel. Either one riding on a Beseler or Uniroller motor base. The 2553 also accepts 35mm and 120/220 reels. I assembled all of this for decent prices.

My opinion of the 3010: One of the best pieces of hardware I own. Possibly worth more than it costs. Ditto for the 2551/2553 twins.

The Jobo 2551/2553 tanks are the only ones that are long enough to span the rollers on the Uniroller & Beseler bases.

Places to shop: craigslist, Glazier's, here at APUG, Large Format Photography Forum. Sign up now at the LFPF becasue you have to be a member for 30 days before you can use the For Sale listings. It's a great forum for big camera using folks. You will like it.