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Does anyone know if there is a Bronica SQ series 70mm back? Additionally, how does one go about developing 70mm film? - obviously a reel to load the film would be the essential item.

2nd. Would the film be provided in camera ready loads?

There are/were various 70mm backs for the ETR I've got a non-working third party one. I'm not sure what's wrong with it. The SQ likely had similar third party backs.

Developing? I've got X-ray reels. Cheap plastic reels. Too big for any know light proof tank. Plus I've got a couple reels intended for 116. The Xray reels are better.

The rare 5' Jobo reel is hard to find often expensive and only takes 5'. But fits a Jobo 2500 tank.

Hewes makes 70mm reels. Not cheap.