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I forgot to mention that what you technically start with sodium sulfite is of course a bleaching process, as you would for toning.
And, as I have said before, I would not use Arches Platine either. The paper looks beautiful, but Arches keeps tinkering with its formula. Over the years, I have run into unexpected differences and bad batches again and again, and this may be quite frustrating.
My understanding (which could be wrong) is that the sizing used in the paper is changed seasonally due to the temperature at the factory. Appearently, some sizing material is easier to use in the process of making the paper at low temps and some at high temps. Since the different sizing does not affect the use of the paper for its intended purpose (watercolor painting), they don't worry about it.

The Bergger COT320 is made by Arches to a specific formula...thus in theory, should be more consistant. But only in theory, I'm afraid. I have a "bad" batch of COT320 in 16x20.