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I currently have all those in my Praktica BX20 and my Olympus OM10...

However I wish to move on to Nikon, for the great lenses. They now have an entry level camera I can afford, the F55, however having read more about it I am now not so sure, for example it has no cable release socket, instead it has a little 'remote', this is getting too 'gizmo-ish' for me.

So I shall revise my question. What is the lowest priced/most readily available Nikon camera which has fully manual options for everything? ie, focus, speed, ISO, wind and rewind? DOF preview is not so important as I can calculate that.
New, I think the lowest priced camera that meets your listed requirments is the FM10 (all manual). If you also want autofocus then you need to go to at least the N80.