Whenever I get film back from the processor I make the obligatory public praise to what ever god is keeping my modified FSU MF camera working and working really damned well. I ahve had the camera for three years now and I have had no complaints with any part of the system, and I paid less than 1/3 what a hassy basic kit costs. SO here goes the praise.

I just got 10 rolls back from the processor. I nailed the exposure on the eight rolls of slides, RDPIII and RVP50. No banding, or frame spacing, and no uneven exposure issues. I am still struggling with exposing color negs but it is great that I don't have to fight the camera. Of course the success of what was in those pictures was not near as great. There are four frames, though that I am really damn proud of.

A mixture of Vodka and Cabbage will be sacrificed on a special pyre this evening, so don't be down wind.