I used to only pay by money orders but after I actually one lost in the mail I moved to paypal
No problems with yet but don't keep much cash in the balance just in case
Only thing about this approach that bugs me is these immediate payment only auctions
When did these become IMMEDIATE or nothing?
Lost out on two items same day because I was uploading money

You put up a 7 day BIN auction I think immediate payment gets voided
If you're willing to wait 7 days for increased exposure/chance of selling
you should give those buying some slack
Crappy attitude if you ask me
People get pissy after 2 days not receiving paypal
It's like they these sellers think they're helping the buyer out with their goods
I had to wait 7 days to buy this thing and now when you've reached max bid you cannot wait a couple days
where is the courtesy
I don't DEMAND these people get to UPS to ship my item out that very day
..power trippin punks lol

that was off topic