This post is hysterical. Talk about bringing back memories. 8 Pops on the sun gun LMAO. I remember working for a guy on 17th street he used balcars god I hated those things and the repair guy on Madison as well. Well anyways shooting products Panasonic, Coors yada yada. Wood floors old loft the floors would move. Multiple pops up to 64 pops for f45 was a great time. I remember one time he was doing a shoot for Thomas English muffins. I was the 1st assistant this shoot for muffins was going on for days. And every morning I would get in around 6 am and we had thousands of muffins in the plastic packages ( you know it had to have the right ridges and dimples) and I would notice bites almost human bites out of the packages. I finally put it together and we had visitors at night eating the product. God did I laugh. I guess one told all his buddies at Union Square Hey there is a Muffin party on 17th Street and Broadway. You gotta love NYC rats. Back in the days of the Underground.

So I went out on my own had a studio on 20th street and I used Ascor QC 1000's I had 10 packs and 20 lights. Loved them. Fast dependable ya ok the occasional arc here and there but Peter Lui always fixed them up. Traveled all over the country with this suckers on planes and not once did I get on location to have a problem with them. There where always rock solid. How ever my assistants hated hauling them around. Well thank you for fueling the memories.
Ok now for this. after not being used for 15 years (I still have 4 packs) I have them plugged in charging. If you want to know what happens just ask. If I don't answer I think you will know what happend.

Best to all and ty for stirring the brain with fond memories. Multiple Pops with floors that moved. WTF where we doing back then.