This thread might be out of date by now, but four days ago I received this email (in part) from Richard White, a professional photographer in Mansfield, Victoria.
Firstly I am selling my Linhof Technika V 4 x 5" camera. Out of 10 I would give it an 8 or 8 1/2.
It is the newer of the Technika V's with the metal ratchet for camera rise not the plastic one. It has an almost new bellows and a spare brand new leather bellows. Well looked after and works perfectly.
I also have a Beattie bright screen which adds 2 stops of brightness to the ground glass. Screen new value over $400. Also there are 2 spare ground glasses with different format markings.
The lens range I have been using is from 65 to 500 mm. You can also use a 58 mm if you need to.
If you need to familiarize yourself with the camera see the Linhof web site.
I am selling it for A$1750 for the camera plus the screen and extra bellows. Without the "Bright screen" the price is $1500."
You can contact him through <>