By the way, that nice looking Panoram, apparently a No. 1 Original model, advertised as a 1D, sold for $183 last night. Like I mentioned earlier, in this current economic malaise the prices that Panorams are commanding on FleaBay has been swinging wildly between too little and too much. A reasonable price for a nice (not mint) Panoram No. 1 should be between $200 - $250.

There are often some real dogs sold on FleaBay, so one has to watch closely, and ask questions. One example, not a Panoram but rather an Al Vista panoramic, is a very obvious junker that is worth about $30 - $40 as a parts camera, but the seller wants a BIN of almost $200 (a reasonable price for a good one) for it. So far he has relisted it a couple of times, but nobody has bought it. Caveat emptor!