Yeah well.....a few years back they screwed over a whole bunch of their smaller dealers. Decided they weren't worthwhile. They failed to advise each of the dealers concerned and actually had the b***s to do a pick-up and re-deliver by Fed-Ex three days later - unprocessed!!!! Imagine explaining that to the customer!!!! The smaller, long-standing guy was the only one keeping the business from Wally-World etc. Apparently it wasn't that they were losing money on the smaller guys - they just decided that they were too big to bother with the minnows! Some of these dealers had been with them over 25 years!! I just feel bad for the staff - wasn't their fault. It's all about shareholder returns - to the near exclusion of everything, (and everyone) else. As someone on CNN said recently "I'm sick and tired of being trickled down on." !!!!!