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Hi, Brad -

You may have already ordered a bag, but if not, you might want to look at Ellington's "Hollister" field bag or satchel. They seem to be available on "clearance" for about $100. I have more camera bags than I care to admit, including some of those already mentioned, but this is the bag I tend to grab most of the time now. It's tough and low-key, and will fit a Mamiya 6, Leica, film, light meter, etc. I had my mother-in-law (I knew she was good for something!) make me a padded insert out of a sleigh pad my kids have outgrown.


Wow...that one is very nice too....lots of choices. They're all so expensive though. Normally, I wouldn't having a problem but...I'm carrying two bodies and three that I've spent maybe, a grand total of $120 on. Seems strange to spend $100 on a bag to carry $120 worth of equipment.