Have seen 70mm backs for the Hasselblad but as I was unaware film was still available have not botherd to purchase one.
My take being that as I would not want to wait till the whole film was exposed before developing I would be inclined to open the back and cut off the exposed section for dev'ing as I wanted, as I do not have a back at present I will have to investigate the practicalities of this but am working on the assumtion that if a roll of film can be loaded it can be unloaded part way through.
My thinking is that this could be an alternative to 120 given the cost and technicalities of the paper backing which will be an ongoing issue that is not going to get any cheaper to overcome.
At this point I cannot commit to an order but am interested in the idea and as it seems a way of future proofing the hasselblad without going to a d.....l back will investigate its practicalities.
Thanks for the heads up on this, am off to do research.

Regards Paul.