In 1983 the share-house I lived in was burgled. The other flatmates lost heaps of stuff including all of their sports shoes. All I lost was a couple of
holdall bags which were probably used to carry off the loot. We reckon the perpetrators were kids as all the stolen shoes were size 9 or less. Luckily
I was a size 12. Best of all, the kids ignored a Canon A1 plus assorted lenses, flash etc which were in a camera bag in the same wardrobe that they
pinched my holdalls from. If they looked at the photo gear they probably thought it would be too hard to on-sell / fence or whatever.

I took the next day off work to fit deadlocks and in the process sliced the top off my thumb with a chisel. I don't think I used the camera for a month
or so while that healed.