You would do best to avoid the Seagulls which unfortunately do have a very bad record for quality control (or lack of it, to be accurate). There is a new model out and whether that is any better I don't know but for the price of it you could by careful searching around pick up two Yashicas or Flexarets or Autocords etc which if well maintained are likely to more reliable than a new Seagull. Personally I like the Mamiyas,as discussed in another thread recently, but I concede they are heavy but that makes them very easy to hold steady even at slow shutter speeds.

I have just discovered the joys of ebay and suggest that is a good starting point for any search. There is one frequent vendor in Slovakia who is always offering Flexarets which he does a CLA on and they go for very reasonable prices, around US $60-80 plus carriage. So I have just taken the plunge and successfully bid for one - delivery is imminent and awaited with interest!

Best of luck!