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Michael - It will be interesting to see if anyone bids on that #10. It looks to be a decent usable camera. I'm not sure, but it may even be a re-list. I think he had it on eBay before at about that price, and didn't get a bid. $1300 is about half what a #10 would have sold for not very many years ago.

Jamie or Ron - Any idea if Kodak still does the special orders of Cirkut color neg film? I don't want any. I'm just curious. I haven't heard any mention of it in several years, and sort of guess Kodak dropped it along with Verichrome Pan, Azo, and all the other goodies they have killed.

I think I have seen it up in the near past, I only wish I had the money, I would buy it and use it. Most people are using aerographic film. Kodak makes 9 1/2 inch aero film, you can use it successfully
with a small spacer. It is also quite expensive, Kodak has a minimum of ten rolls to be purchased at a price of $750/roll. Developing it can be an adventure in itself. I developed a roll of 122 Verichrome Pan in an open bucket. It worked, but what a hassle. I'll do it again, I enjoy the camera.