Well the Sunpak 511 I use with my ETRsi is no longer cutting it. Decent flash, but I got the ETRsi so I could get more flash control. Especially rear curtain synch, etc.

So it looks like the sensible way to go is to get a Metz. And since I am getting a pretty decent tax refund this year, I think I will need to seriously look into it.

Thing is, I am not going to have THAT much to blow on a flash. I figure paying off credit cards, car payments, angry bookies, etc. will have to take up most of my tax rebate. Frugality would be nice.

Which seems at odd with the Metz system.

Here is my conundrum -

1) Figuring out how all of the Metz stuff works together is a PAIN. The website doesn't seem that clear. It looks like I will need an SCA386 module. But do I need cords for that too? And what about these "track adapters" and such that they mention but do not talk about much? What would I need to get a WORKING TTL flash system going on my ETRsi.

2) Compatibility - I have the ETRsi as well as an N80. Ideally, if I sink some cash into this I would like to get something that will work between the two. But it seems that to get FULL Nikon compatibility I'd need to get an expensive flash that does 3D Matrix Flash. Then again, I'm wondering if I DO need that.... ANY help on that issue would be nice.

3) Handle or Shoe mount? I have a Speedgrip so I can shoe mount a flash easily if I need to. And I can always get a Stroboframe. I am just not sure which way to go on this. Some of the shoemounts are pretty cheap on the used market. And they would do 95% of what I want. But are they worth even the $100ish price? Plus I worry that they need some sort of external battery pack or something (again the Metz site seems sketchy on some things).

4) Metz or maybe something else? Sunpak? I like my 511, but I have heard iffy things about the newer stuff. Any feedback on that?