Somehow we need to get a census on what interest folks. We have a huge assortment of opportunities around here for nature (mouintains, log cabins, history all the way to spanish moss and cyprus knees and plantations) as well as oddballs and strange places like Swananoah and De Jeurnet, We could do some small trips for those who need a break before mid April, and more during the mid summer months. Also, between Keith and I we have two darkrooms that are fully equipted with large and medium format enlargers. I have a personal interest in Lith printing and have lots of chemicals. There is plenty of lodging around here and we can point anyone in the right direction. Charlottesville also has many top shelf resturaunts and some of the best chef's around. Lets keep in touch. My email is I also can take a small number of folks on a photo tour of Western Albemarle in my motorcyle/sidecar.