For the past several years I have noticed how 35mm equipment has gone down in price both on the new and used market. While this is sad for those of us who spent lots of money on 35mm equipment when it was new, it is a great time to find fantastic deals on camera outfits on the used market.

Yesterday I purchased a 35mm outfit at a local garage sale. It was a Minolta Maxxum 400si with two Minolta lenses; a 35-70 and a 70-210. I paid $35.00 for the camera with both lenses (price even included a shoulder bag) all in very decent condition! Granted, I know that the 400si has its limitations and that it was not the purchase of the century, but I was able to grab a few nice shots with it as I tested it yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised with the sharpness of the images and the overall results.

Last year my dad was able to pick up a Pentax Super Program with a 50mm 1.7 SMC-A lens for just $5.00! The camera was in almost new condition! I shot many nice images with that camera as well.

Yes, these are not Nikon F5's or Leica M7's, but they are all capable of producing outstanding results. I get a real kick out of shooting with these garage sale finds and getting back images that rival (and many times excell) images shot with my D200! I love the surprised look on my friend's faces when I tell them that the pictures they are holding were shot with a $5.00 camera or a camera that has been "obsolete" for over a decade!

Would you like to share your latest garage sale find? How about sharing images you have shot with them as well!

These are a couple of images I shot with yesterday's garage sale find; the Minolta 400si with the 35-70 lens. Film was Kodak Max ISO 400 (also a great find at my local Sam's Club store for under $1.50 a roll new), handheld.

p.s. I know that the images are not fantastic, museum-worthy images. I am just posting these to show how the metering, shutter speeds, and lens worked well with a bargain-priced camera.