Ran across this item this morning: http://www.workswithu.com/2009/02/07...free-software/

Perhaps this (or similar) is what Timothy hit on. It's about web sites using openoffice as bait to phish for contact info, and the high google ad rankings they get. Interesting that the high ad ranking is tied to browsers and systems reporting that the searching computer doesn't run a variant of unix/linux. In other words, the ads target Microsoft and Mac users, not people who already use free software. Looks like there are a number of schemes afoot to profit from distribution of free software. Go to openoffice.org or neooffice.org for the real deal without cost or phishing schemes. NeoOffice is asking for donations to defray the cost of developing a version that it better integrated into OS-X (which is Apple's custom GUI on a modified version of BSD Unix).