If you want a new camera with auto focus along with ISO, cable release and DOF it's going to have to be the N80/F80. A very good camera. If you want new and manual it's the FM10 or for (a lot) more money the FM3a. You can do better price wise by finding a good condition FE2 or FM2, depending on if you want exposure automation. Neither has autofocus, but both have fairly bright screens that make manual focus easy. They are both better cameras than any of the others with the exception of the FM3a, which is a basically a combination of the two. If you do get the '55 you can still change the film speed using exposure comp, if I remember correctly. Also, older Nikons in the autofocus range, like the N6006 or N8008s are good values, and you can find them in like new condition at low prices, especially the 6006. Very sturdy, and cheap to boot. You can get one for less than the '55. A lot of camera for the money.