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I would have thought that would be plenty.

I can't quite believe what I read on other forums occasionally about brides expecting 1000 - 2000 images. What for?

I'm sure there are no more than sixty pictures in my wedding album.

What for? Well neither the bride nor many digital togs know better. The end use is not considered well, many digital shooters don't charge properly for post, and "more-is-always-better" right?

Just delivered an album that ended up with about 100 images in it, from over 2,000 shots at the wedding. It was a job from when I was all into digital. Total PITA. 1 in 40 sold. Processing and sorting and weeding through 2000 shots is a lot of work for the client and for me.

Another wedding shot within days of that by another local wedding tog and 2 helpers ended with about 7,000 shots in 8 hours.

The technical term for this is "spray-and-pray".

About that time I found some info from PPA, (I'm paraphrasing by memory so take these numbers with a grain of salt) the average film wedding job sold about 80 images from under 400 total shots and an average digital wedding sold about 5-10 more from about 1200 shots.

Once I figured out that as soon as I had my shot volume in control, digital would become the high cost alternative because of all the upgrades and depreciation. That was the beginning of the end of digital for me.

I'd be plum happy selling 1 of every 2 or 3 frames I shot instead of 1 in 40, hence my goal of 4-35mm and 2-120 rolls which gets me to about 168 shots and 60-80 sold.