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I don't think it's a film vs. digital thing. I just don't see why anyone would want 1000+ images from their wedding regardless of the medium used. 100 would be plenty.

It just seems that because the digital shooters can shoot a lot more, they do and therefore it is now expected, making more unnecessary work for everyone.

One of the reasons 1000+ shots comes in handy is for slideshows. We produce slideshows on the web and DVD for our clients. We typically don't aim to do a hokey slideshow of 1 image/2 seconds. Instead, we lay the slides to the music, often running through more than one a second to provide a feel of action and movement.

So while our B&G's won't need or buy 1000 prints. They enjoy what can be done for slideshows.

Here's an engagement slideshow I did last year with a couple when I was shooting nearly 100% digital: