Dan - Thanks for sharing your engagement slideshow. I'll respectfully disagree with you on your statement that 1000+ shots come handy for a slideshow since all that is needed are strong images with deep emotional impact. I deliver anywhere from 137-250 total images for the average 6-8 hour wedding day.

Mark - I honestly don't think moving images will replace stills. IMHO, the are completely different mediums that can complement nicely when done well but one does not replace another... Just imagine the workflow nightmare of trying to pull a 1/125s exposure out of something shot at 24-30 fps... This is something that you will never see me doing. Also, the day that a professional photographer has to worry about soccer moms competing with him/her just because they have top of the line equipment is the day that such studio should retire.

jgcull - Thanks for your kind comments about my work.