Hey, Robert, this is one that I've over-researched! I've got a ton of Metz units. The only Sunpak that is worth anything is the 120J. And, I wouldn't worry about all the 3D-metering-does-it-all-for-you crap, it really isn't worth it. Hell, I rarely use TTL, the Metz units are so accurate I use it on Auto most of the time.

The SCA module goes on the camera, and then the flash unit (shoe mount) attaches to the SCA module. It just slips on and locks into the flash. For the handle mounts (45, 60, 70 series), you'll have to get an SCA300A cord, which attaches to the SCA module and locks into the side of the flash, except for the 70, which will attach to most of the SCA modules directly.

For your Bronica, you'll need the SCA386 (300 series). For the F80/N80 series, there are a bunch of adapters, dependent on which strobe you choose. Here's the link to the chooser:


There are 300 series SCA's, and 3000/3002 SCA's. The 300's are the "basic" adapters, they usually only show flash ready and correct fire. The 3000 series allows for more advanced features, such as auto sync speed, rear-curtain sync, etc.

As far as the type of strobe goes, it depends on what you want to do. The best part is with Metz, you can get a strobe and use it on all your cameras! Here are my recommendations:

For wedding/location shooting, where you may need a lot of power and long life, the 60 series kicks-ass. The 45 series is great too, but you may have to get a Quantum battery 2 to give the extra power and the 45 series recycles a bit slow. I use 60CT-4s for weddings with 45CT-4s for backups. The CL (current) and the older CT units are the same, except the CL's use a LED instead of neon light for the "ready" light...the only thing about these are: they only work with the 300 series adapters. With 3000 series adapters, they don't take full advantage of the special features (your N80 would still work in TTL, but you wouldn't have all the stuff a speedlight would give you)

I keep a 40MZ3i in my camera bag for my travel and general shooting, with the zoom reflector, modeling light, buzzer, etc, this is one great flash for all-around usage. And, the 40 series allows for usage with the 300 & 3000 series adapters (it'll adapt to your Nikon and utilize almost all features.

The 50 series (and the new 70 series) is a combination of the above two: power, features, handlemount, etc.

I wouldn't get anything less than a 40MZ_-i series. The 32 series is nice, but a bit underpowered. The 40 is a great size and fits INSIDE my camera bag, next to my A12 backs.

The bad thing about the 60 series is that you MUST have the damn battery pack attached at all times. This means WEIGHT...I mean W-E-I-G-H-T. But, if your using this for a wedding, it's worth it. The 45 can be operated with a cluster of 6AA or nicad or power pack. The 40 series takes 4AA, nicad, ni-mh, or power pack. The 50 & 70 have their own clusters of Ni-MH, Ni-Cd or you can get a special power pack for them.

If you plan on doing location work, a stroboframe QR66 ("dennis reggie" bracket) can be adapted to work with all the strobes. My bracket is set up for my Hassy to allow a PocketWizard, 40MZ, 45/60, "modeling/focusing" light (video light for focusing in low light situations) and SCA adapter by a bit milling and custom work. It works great. When I don't want to have to carry this 2' tall thing, I'll put the 40MZ3i on the prism, attach my Winder CW, and off I go. You can also use the sidebar for the 45/60 series. It's a really sturdy bar that doesn't move. But, I'm a stickler for single catchlights, dead-centered overhead flash, etc. so I use mine on my custom bracket.

You may want to consider getting one of these units USED from a reputable store (avoid E-Gay). These strobes are a few years old, but will save you immensly on cost and get you a good unit that'll last for years.

BTW, the support on Metz (provided by Bogen in NJ) is great. They are very professional and reliable. Unlike Sunpak. I use to have 522, 611 & 622 units. I could never get parts to fix them. So, I hacked them a bit and use them as location "background lighters".

The newer Metz units are nice too, but unless you want new, the older units will do just as good. I think I'm going to buy a pair of 54Mz-3 units for secondary backup strobes. The best thing is: my SCA adapters all transfer from one to another!

The weight and balance of each unit is remarkable. I've never seen one that isn't. They're sturdy too. I've dropped mine so many times, it isn't even funny anymore. But, I've never had to send a strobe back yet, and I've never had to get any parts, except for the wide-angle filter on my 40MZ, which I ripped off and threw at and airport rent-a-cop when he accused me "hiding contraband" in my camera equipment, but that's another story.

You can go to bogen's website and fill out the form for them to send you literature: www.bogenphoto.com. They'll usually send you your stuff within a few days!

You won't regret getting a Metz. Hell, the only strobes I think are worth anything are Quantum Q-flash and Metz units. Everything else is junk to me (even the "manufacturer's" units, speedlights, etc)