I was working at a camera shop in the mid 80's when a woman came in with two 35's she bought at a garage sale. A Practica, and a Leica IIIc. She bought them both for $20. Neither worked. I told her how much it would cost to fix them both and she wasn't having any of that. I told her the Leica was worth quite a bit, but she didn't want to bother. I even got the used camera value guide out to show her. Still not interested. She said she couldn't even see through the little focusing hole, her words. I had two 20's in my pocket and I offered them to her for the Leica. I was a student and it was all I had for the rest of the month. She just shrugged and said, "ok."

I paid a little over $100 to get it fixed and sold it a few years later for a pretty good profit. Probably the only time I'll ever own one.