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I was working at a camera shop in the mid 80's when a woman came in with two 35's she bought at a garage sale. A Practica, and a Leica IIIc. She bought them both for $20. Neither worked. I told her how much it would cost to fix them both and she wasn't having any of that. I told her the Leica was worth quite a bit, but she didn't want to bother. I even got the used camera value guide out to show her. Still not interested. She said she couldn't even see through the little focusing hole, her words. I had two 20's in my pocket and I offered them to her for the Leica. I was a student and it was all I had for the rest of the month. She just shrugged and said, "ok."

I paid a little over $100 to get it fixed and sold it a few years later for a pretty good profit. Probably the only time I'll ever own one.
The only time I ever got to touch one of those, a high school freshman student brought a camera bag into class the second day and told me that it was her grandmother's camera.

She wanted to know if it was good enough to use in the class because it was kinda old. I opened the bag to find the Lecia III and three lenses - all in immaculate condition.

I thought about trading her a Pentax K 1000 for the kit but my better nature took over. I sent it home with a note to her grandmother telling her about what I thought it would be worth and the number of a dealer I knew who would be interested in buying it. I didn't have that kind of money at that time.