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What do you rate the film at using these camera settings, if you don't mind? I've seen anywhere from 200 to 320.

I have pyrocat- HD on the shelf also. And always plan to get more. I haven't tried PMK for anything. Is there a time difference, I wonder?

I don't meter at all, I just shoot by eye, after using the film for a while you realize that there are about 5 different lighting situations so metering becomes needless. I have often thought of constructing a IR meter but never have.

I think Pyro-Cat is radically different enough from PMK that I can't give you a direct conversion, I use Pyro-CAT almost exclusively now but I've not exposed any HIE in over 2 years. I would recommend the 1:2:100 dilution and reduce development by 15% from my PMK time. I would also recommend trying 2:2:100 dilution and see what that yields.

One point I didn't make about using Pyro with HIE is that it pretty much eliminates bullet proof highlights. To get adequate exposure in deep shadows a healthy exposure is often needed and the pyro helps to tame the highlights in this case.

I just wish Kodak still manufactured HIE in 4x5 and 8x10. Sigh!