I just posted this on the LF forum:
Count me in on this get together. I'm excited!
I'll bring my 4x5, 8x10, and maybe the monster 12x20 (But probably not. Did I mention it's a monster? And I have only shot two sheets of film with it so far.)
I wish I could bring my medium format camera to which I have adapted an old projection petzval lens. I bought the lens from Jim Galli over at APUG. It's my favorite setup, and with my health issues (lung transplant 10 months ago), it's easier to handle than the big 'uns.
Aw hell, I'm going to bring it anyway.....
I attended the alt process get together at Clay's home a couple of years ago, and it was great. I've been hoping for another one. This should come close to fitting the bill.
I'm currently working on an exhibition, so I'll bring along some of my alt prints to show if anyone is interested. They are gumover Pt/Pd, and Tri-color gums.
Did I mention I'm excited?
Steve Dowell